Friday, August 3, 2007


The most popular style of garment this season for toddlers is the tiered skirts with alternating fabrics and fur trimmed camisoles. For children’s sizes 2-6x look for the empire waist silhouette and crop jackets. The slim jeans, loose camisoles, fitted crops, and slim vests are the most fashionable garments for juniors. For the fall season for boys children’s wear the most popular look is the argyle sweater with a corduroy jacket denim jeans and a striped polo.

The popular knit of the season is the screen printed honeycomb thermal knit. Cottons, velour, velveteen, denim and corduroy are very fashionable for the fall season as well. Screen printed graphic symbol garments are very much in style. Also tattoo inspired screen prints are popular for the basic T’s. Tie dye is very trendy for the toddlers and girls separates. Popular for boys are stripes and argyle knits.

This season earth tone colors are being used as well as monochromatic schemes, dark pastels, and tie dyes to offset the winter with some color variety. Designer color favorites this season are jewel toned, burnt orange used in conjunction with burgundy, plum, and navy.

Fur and lace are being used to trim garments in girl’s sizes 2-6x. Fabric ruffles, belting, and decorative buttons are also being used to bring some variety to children’s and juniors wear. Interesting decorative designs for this season for all ages are novelty gores and darts.

High end retail stores cater to their customer by marketing fitted silhouettes, semi-trendy separates in luxurious fabrics at reasonable prices. Department retail stores cater to their customer by providing affordable wearable garments that are washable and trendy.

The style of the season are soviet inspired jackets, which are available in all girls sizes, Victorian frills, denim skirts, fisheye gores, and honeycomb knit T’s. What not to buy this season are camouflage textiles, terrycloth anything, plaid skirts, girl’s knitted vests, and all bright or white colors.


Semi fitted yet still accessible garment
Gender associated colors
Cool colors, blues, greens, and magenta, tie dye
Screen printed textiles
Utilizing fabrics as trims

2-6X children
Fitted, empire waist, Soviet inspired
Crystals, embroidery, appliqu├ęs, Crochet, lace
Double skirts, bubble skirts,
Monochromatic, dark pastels
Velvets, knits, denim

Babydoll, bubble skirt, leggings
Victorian, Soviet, 1980’s inspired
Earth tone colors
Gathers, yokes, novelty darts, ruffles
Same fabric trims, buttons, belting, sequins


Accessible garments
Gender associated colors, blues, greens
Stripes, plaids, argyles textiles
Denim, cotton Poly blends

2-6x Children
Denim, corduroy, knit
Plaid, stripes, camouflage textiles
Layered look, alternating fabrics

Tailored, fitted silhouettes
Dress shirts, Vests,
Denim, Poly/cotton,
Argyles, stripes, plaid textiles



Terrycloth, plaids
Warm colors
Cartoon character screen print T’s
Knitted vest

Bright colors

Camouflage, eyelet
Lace tops, Full skirts, shorts
1960 influenced silhouettes



Wallpaper inspired textiles
Trimmings, decorative buttons and belting
Crop jackets, Petticoat, tiered skirts, shirt dresses
Color palette: plum, sea foam, pink, light blue

Detailing with buttons, gores, yokes, and strapping
Jumpers, polo’s, wraps, smocks
Apron, tent silhouettes
Jacquard textiles
Japanese influence
Color Palette: Purple, pink, creams, navy

Jewel tone colors
80’s inspired textiles
Belted, decorative buttons
Low neckline, Bermuda shorts, very slim jeans, layering
Slim silhouette, very fitted


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