Saturday, August 4, 2007



Winter 2007 – 2008 couture fashion will be swept away by romantic classicism and militaristic modernism. Consisting of a soft natural color palette including pastels and soft grays, romantic classicism will be enchanted with silk chiffons, adorned lace, and satin jacquards. The S and A-line silhouettes of the enchanted season will be highlighted with ruffling, pleating, and tiered flounces.
Militaristic modernisms will consist of neutrals, dark gray’s, and a rustic color palette. Paving the way to the twenty-first century technology, militaristic modernism will be a mixing of new synthetic fibers with precious medals to create a sculpted bell shape silhouettes for winter of 07-08.

I. Colors

A. Enchantment

· Pastel naturals
· Pale pink, sea foam, powder blue, lavender
· Soft gray, beige, tans

B. Eclecticism

· Vibrant bights
· Turquoise, Kelly green
· Yellow, fuchsia

C. Identity

· Militaristic neutrals
· Military green, forest green, dark grey
· Plum, tangerine, rusty brown

II. Fibers

A. Silk, shine, oxidized lurex
B. Mohair, cashmere, Alpaca, twisted silk
C. Synthetic, polyprophlye, elastane, polyamide

III. Fabrics

A. Velvet, fur
B. Jacquard, satin, taffeta
C. Silk, voile, tulle, organdy, chiffon

IV. Detailing

A. Crochet, laser cutouts
B. Rushing, ruffling, pleating, wrapping, draping
C. Belting, decorative buttons, adornments
D. Tiers of flounces, novelty collars, sleeves

V. Silhouette

A. Tailored sophisticated hourglass
B. Bell, Bubble, Balloon structures
C. A-line, S

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